How would you be Joyous and Enthusiastic?

How would you be Joyous and Enthusiastic?

In today’s competitive world, everybody seems to be running after something, racing against time and work. Women work on par with men. And then one day, we start facing the problems- fatigue and depression which have become commonplace. Lost appetite, very little or no sleep, an anxious mind that doubts everything and lack of enthusiasm.

Joyful Bachflower remedy

How do we handle such situations?

Be optimistic: Think positively and optimistically about everything. Jot down your tasks for the day. Prioritize the things that you wish to achieve or do and work on them accordingly.

Diet: One must include a lot of carbohydrates in our diet. It not only helps maintain serotonin levels in blood, it also enables you to get a good night’s sleep. Include at least one citrus fruit
( Lemon, Orange, Sweet Lime, etc.). Try to replace regular tea with Green tea that is far more beneficial. Ensure that your diet has enough levels of iron in it.

Exercise: One must find time for at least half an hour of brisk walking, meditation, yoga, prayer which are the things that actually help one overcome depression

Music: Music plays a magical role in uplifting our minds. Soft music, fast music, melodious tunes fill the mind with joy. Certain colors like yellow, red, sky blue are considered soothing and help lift the mood. Incorporate these colors in your daily life.

Therapy: At times, deficiency of iron in the blood results in fatigue and depression. Thyroid disorders can cause dullness, feeling of exhaustion, irritation, etc. Hence it is important to get the appropriate tests done.

Nature therapy: Dip a band of cloth in rosewater and place it on your eyes and forehead. A balanced diet coupled with appropriate intake of water and walking in fresh air helps lead a healthy life.

Aromatherapy: 20 drops of Rosewood oil, 5 drops of Orange oil, 50 ml of Geranium oil mixed with sesame oil or corn oil and massaged into the body results in quick mood upliftment. One can also mix these oils in bathwater for similar effect.

Homeopathy: Deficiency of blood or hemoglobin is the root cause of this ailment. Homeopathic medicines help in overcoming fatigue and depression.

Natrum mur  : Useful for women facing fatigue, cramps in hands and  feet and backache.

Pulsatilla: Useful in treating fatigue caused in women due to deficiency of blood.

Sepia, Calcaria carb: Effective in treating fatigue before and after menses.

Flower therapy: This is beneficial in dealing with fatigue resulting from over exhaustion

Accupressure, Accupuncture: By pressing the points no. 22, 28, 67, 81 with the tip of your finger or an acupressure needle eases out fatigue effectively.

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