When someone gets bored, experiences fatigue, fed up of repeated tasks , then he is said to be demoralized. Every person goes through such phases sometime in his or her life.

How many people enjoy the work that they are doing? We dare not even look around for answers to such questions. Today we see everyone chasing money which forces them to resort to lies and fake behavior. People try to appease their bosses, turn helpless and bend before all and sundry. We need to keep a smiling façade but then the mind gets tired of all this. All sorts of negative chemicals spread around our body. Scientists have proven that people who work with a positive attitude experiences a healthy demeanor and their psychosomatic composition remains healthy too. As opposed to such people, those who merely drudge along in their work fall ill frequently because they never experience happiness and job satisfaction.When we love our work, it is always perfect. Can we ask an author to do clerical work? This is a subjective matter. However, not everyone gets to work what they really love to. At times, we may have to compromise. For those who frequently feel lazy, don’t enjoy their work, cannot stick to time, homeopathy and flower therapy works wonders.

Vinita was a Computer Science engineer. Her desire was to work in Bangalore but she had to push it aside owing to family opposition. She took a petty job in her own town till her marriage was fixed. Obviously, she got a lower pay. She had to literally drudge in her work. Slowly, she began feeling demoralized and bored of everything. She started skipping work frequently. When asked for reasons by her bosses, she’d give unfathomable answers. Her boss was her father’s friend. However, just the thought of going to work weighed her down every morning. She got used to lying in bed and passing time at home.

When her father realized this, he consulted her to  Flower therapy. After proper diagnosis when she was put on appropriate flower therapy, it gave about great results. She started working with enthusiasm. However, she would have only truly enjoyed her work in Bangalore. Her father then began his search of a groom who would match her qualification and who’d allow her to work after marriage. Fortunately, she found such a life partner soon. Everyone gets such opportunities in life, but one cannot wait till they come knocking. One must compromise a bit and reach our goal in small steps. This allows us to taste success as well as enjoy the efforts towards it. Flower therapy and homeopathy always help us otherwise, don’t they?

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