How to Overcome Suffocation

How to Overcome Suffocation

Some people are impossible to gauge even by experts. They will never portray their true feelings on their face. Their feelings remain hidden even from their spouses. Such people appear jolly and jovial, but they never share their sorrows with anybody. They continue to suffer in isolation. They don’t share their feelings with others, or perhaps they’re unable to do so. This suffocation can lead to serious health implications. If some person has no sorrows in his life and has such a nature, then it may not be of any serious problem to him. However, if someone is leading a dreadfully dangerous life, then this suffocation can result in an outburst. If one cannot express his feelings, nor can he remain silent and still have a smiling façade, then how can he do it?

Saturation of the mind may cause mutation of the cells and results in hypertension, diabetes and major illnesses like cancer. Our society does not allow a free environment to women. She cannot freely express her thoughts, feelings and desires. She then suffers from depression, insomnia, irritation and such mental illnesses.

Tejaswini was a woman who was fed up of all the responsibilities that came with handling household chores and a job. She was already experiencing irritation, insomnia and fatigue and was now facing an added problem of Pre-menstrual syndrome ( PMS). She faced extreme irritation just before her menses, she’d shout at others, burst into tears without any reason, yelled at her husband and kids. Apart from this, she also faced bloating, pain in breasts, headache and vomiting. All these symptoms would be relieved once bleeding started, as though everything was just about normal. She tried all kinds of medicines to no avail. At last, she resorted to homeopathy. When it was coupled with Flower Therapy, there were miraculous results.

What went wrong with Tejaswini was that her job meant performing to perfection, at home she had to keep everyone satisfied, complete all the chores. How could she ignore her kids or her husband. Add to that the occasional guests, festivals, in-laws, etc. Where was the time to look at herself? She found time to tend to her body and mind only when she suffered from suffocation and its ill effects on her health. Every woman must work hard, take care of her household. People who abhor friction try to hide their feelings out of fear. But that person leads a very instable life behind the calm façade.

By the time they realize they’re wrong, it’s already too late. We tend to saturate a lot of negative feelings in our daily lives which then manifest themselves in some form of illness or an emotional outburst. Such kids appear to be very joyful, behave well with others. But once they’re home, they are altogether different. Friction at home deeply impacts their psyche. When elders fight, it hurts them and they turn speechless. They cry in solitude, appear wilted, don’t laugh and generally remain in their own cocoons. There are effective medications for such cases in homeopathy. Such people are more susceptible to addiction and hence must be rendered flower therapy for added advantage.

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