How to Face the Problem of Delusion and Hallucination

Delusion and Hallucination

The games of the mind are unfathomable. The human mind has enormous capacity. At times it is creative and at other times, it could turn destructive. Delusion and hallucination are such games of the mind.

How to Overcome the Problem of Delusion and Hallucination ??

Delusion and Hallucination

  • Delusion– the False illusion is called delusion. Imagining someone’s presence when there is nobody around, imagining smell, movement, someone calling out, the phone or the doorbell ringing when none exists. Almost every person could experience such a thing at some point in time in his or her life. Fatigue, sleeplessness or tiredness after a chronic disease, could cause such delusions. Delusions need not much medication and can be cured with simple Homoeopathic treatments.
    1. Hallucinations – This happens when the circulation in the brain is affected. Illusion and hallucination occur in the first and last phase of the sleep. Then it manifests even while awake. Fear of losing, talking in the sleep and heavy perspiration are some of the initial symptoms. One loses orientation of place and time and gets confused. This happens as a result of a fault in the transmission of the neurons and the biological clock. Injury to the brain, meningitis, lack of oxygen supply or sugar to the brain can result in such a condition. It can also occur as a result of the deficiency of salts as a result of dehydration. Side effects of certain medicines or consumption of narcotics can result in similar symptoms. Hallucinating is a serious condition and needs to be treated immediately. It can be treated with the help of flower therapy and Homoeopathy.

Hallucinations can be of various types. Sometimes, one sees horrible faces, hears disturbing laughter, water flowing, someone directing us to commit suicide, imagining God or the spirits talking, dreadful insects and snakes crawling in bed, seeing dirt everywhere, imagining that the place is full of rubbish and fecal matter, clothes smeared with this rubbish, etc. The intensity and type of hallucination differ from person to person. People who experience hallucinations don’t even realize that they are hallucinating. It is the responsibility of those around them to identify the symptoms and initiate treatment in time.

  • Delirium and mania– It happened as a result of meningitis, typhoid, extremely high fever affecting the brain or as a result of alcohol withdrawal. It could also happen as a result of lack of oxygen supply to the brain. When a heavy drinker suddenly stops drinking alcohol, he becomes delirious. It is called delirium tremens. Such people see snakes and mice around. They experience extreme fear and can even lead to epileptic attacks. Lack of timely treatment can lead to the death of the patient. Quitting alcohol consumption requires a lot of mental conviction and the support of doctors in coping with the withdrawal symptoms. But one should not avoid quitting because of these problems.

Hallucinations and delusions are games of the mind and can affect our daily lives in a big way. One is unable to lead a normal life. Homeopathy, coupled with flower therapy can work wonders in regaining life’s pleasures.

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