How to control Melancholy Depression Symptoms, Treatment, Tests and More


How to control Melancholy Depression Symptoms, Treatment, Tests and More

What is Melancholy?

When one experiences depression without any reason, a sinking feeling in the gut, then it is called ‘melancholia’. At times, our mind loses its ability to experience joy. Anything that is beautiful, attractive or joyous does not appeal to our minds. One must develop the habit to seek happiness and find it. If we fail to do so, then our mind starts getting depressed and we experience melancholy.

Flower therapy helps in dealing with depression that arises without any apparent reason. These Bach remedies are not Indian but European. According to its proponent Dr. Bach, every object in nature works towards the fulfillment of its purpose. When some defect arises in this process, then the flow is blocked and it results in Dis-ease. The energy vibrators in the flowers help to restart this flow and aid in good health.

Melancholy depression Treatment

I know of a friend who is also a doctor, who faced this problem. She had a good medical practice, a supportive husband who was also a doctor, two beautiful children. As though her life was blessed. In spite of all this, she faced melancholy. She got dark circles under her eyes, disinterest in everything, even going out or watching TV didn’t appeal to her anymore. Her communication with her kids ebbed and she lost interest in life. She benefited from homeopathic medicines and Bach remedies ( Flower Therapy). I feel many people experience such things in life at some point in time. This is the time to take stock of life and our expectations from it. It enables us to know ourselves anew. However, it is important to overcome this melancholy or it can develop into deep depression. It results in emotional swings – depression and exhilaration. This is called bipolar disorder. Some days you experience extreme joy and exhilaration, some days it’s the opposite where you find excuses to fight and argue, remain quiet, lose appetite. Physical manifestations include constipation, body ache, depression, acidity, etc. People who are engulfed in depression generally appear cold, dip in blood pressure; mood swings result in heat or feel cold suddenly. Constant worrying and mental tension flare up mental depression.

Therapy- Diet- People who experience depression must include apples, cashew nuts, Shatavari, cardamom, green leafy vegetables, eggs, fish in their diet. Sprouted moong and buttermilk is of added advantage.

Exercise– Pranayam, Bhasrika, Bhramari, Anulom-Vilom helps.

Flower Therapy and Homoeopathy – Consult an expert doctor for these medicines to get benefits without any ill effects.


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