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Bach Flower remedies are a range of Mother tinctures under the homeopathic medicine system. They are made keeping in mind that the purity and naturalness of the Flower essence is remained intact. Bach Flower remedies are a trademark registered formulae discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in England. Flower cure- Bach Flower remedies are made keeping these standards in mind under the watch and care of verified physicians.

The BACH FLOWER remedies given on the site are based on the therapeutic usage of natural flower essences which were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in early 20th century, England. The products are categorised as mother tincture in the homeopathic system of medicine. They contain extra neutral alcohol and are consumed safely world over. They are an unique system of medication and are used around the world successfully, FLOWER CURE (INDIA) has tested the products for consistency and efficacy,However, FLOWER CURE (INDIA) states that these remedies can be taken for the ailments for which they are mentioned and the results may differ on individual cases.

Flower Cure produces and bottles the Bach flower remedies according to the global standard formulae of Dr. Bach products. FLOWER CURE is a GMP compliant manufacturing unit, we take extreme care to ensure the quality, purity, consistency of the product. However, the product efficacy and dosage requirements may vary depending upon individual conditions. For better results consultation is mandated.

Bach Flower remedies claim not to be a substitute for physician’s diagnosis and treatment. If the problem persists, consult your doctor immediately. Although these remedies are generally safe for the public and usually have no side effects but FLOWER CURE (India) advises that these be practised/taken at the user’s sole discretion.