Facing Split Personality – Schizophrenia ?? How to overcome

Facing Split Personality – Schizophrenia ?? How to overcome

Split Personality

Having a dual or unstable mind is the gift of times changing. No one can escape this. Man’s life starts with the dilemma of ‘to be or not to be’. Unreasonable expectations, over-ambitious nature, stress, all contribute towards making a dual mind. This develops in a person’s nature, behavior, speech, thoughts being changed drastically. This is called schizophrenia or split personality

Split Personality

What is split personality?

— A person distances from society. He cannot take care of himself and becomes self-centered.

— He cannot understand his respect or disrespect.

— His thoughts are not organized and often drift.

— The person gets entrapped into his own cocoon. He suffers from Obsessive-compulsive behavior, doing the same task again and again. Thoughts about sex and religion engulf his mind. Stray speech enhances.

— He experiences the hallucination. He feels others are talking ill about him or staring at him. His delusions include snakes and insects meandering around.

— A person feels he is someone great and has the authority to kill others. He can even harm himself.

— If such symptoms continue for more than six months, then the diagnosis is confirmed.

Some major symptoms include-

— There is no impact of anybody’s advice.

— Mood swings are frequent as are the emotional outburst.

— Response to external stimuli like noise, light, tough is extremely high or low

— He cannot think rationally. General knowledge and common sense diminish.

— He loses his own identity. He feels he does not belong to his body and experiences that his soul has left his body and is afloat.

Not all patients who suffer from schizophrenia may have had a shock or serious ailment. It can be an automatic impact


Extreme mental or physical stress, genetics, mental shock, brain ailment, addiction, an overdose of medicines can trigger this disease.


Split personality means a person believes that he is separate from his body. Changes manifest when he exhibits conflicting speech and behavior. Hence it is recognized as a split personality or schizophrenia. Such people are unable to think logically. It is important to start treatment immediately. Later he experiences delusions about himself and the world. He becomes delirious and loses awareness of time or place. In extreme cases, he does not even behave like a human being. This situation is the worst not only for the patient but also for the relatives.

Homeopathy- Let us have a look at some Homoeopathic medicines


This is beneficial in postpartum depression and split personality. The symptoms for which this is administered include the belief of worst, fear of occupying car or closed areas, bantering, self-destructive thoughts, the illusion of bursting nerves or a black cloud hovering above, disturbed mind and self.


Restlessness, impatience, illusions of ghosts and spirits, hysteric, not wanting any conversation, but the continuous shouting, tempestuous behavior, attacking others are some of the symptoms. These people cannot tolerate noise or touch.


Conflicting complaints, extreme laughter or tears, sorrow or ecstasy. Complaints arising out of mental shock keep conflicting. Continuous sobbing. In cases of extreme insanity, medicines like stramonium and Hyoscyamus are useful. However, these medications should be administered only under the supervision of a Homoeopathic practitioner to avoid mixed reactions.

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