Bach flowers mix 48(Vet): Fear of fireworks with dogs

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30 Ml

Bach flowers mix  48(Vet) helps your dog to:

  • Reduce his fear of fire works and loud explosions; *
  • avoid sudden uncleanliness; *
  • avoid hiding and seeking shelter; *
  • avoid excessive barking or howling. *

How many bottles do you need?

  • 1 bottle will last you about 1 month
  • The first results will start to show after a few days or weeks *
  • In my experience to get lasting results a period of three months is advised *

Dose animals

  • 6 x 4 drops spread over the day or extra drops during hard times.
  • You can put the drops in their food or drinking water, or put it on something good or rub it on their nose

About this mix

  • Handmade according to the instructions of Dr. Bach
  • Ready to use
  • Unique blend of Bach flowers
  • Gluten and allergen free
  • Ingredients: Water, alcohol, Bach flower extracts

Bach flowers can help your dog with fear of fireworks

Fear of fireworks is common problem with dogs. Many dogs fear for their lives when fireworks go off. Some dogs panic and run away, others seek shelter and shiver from fear. They suddenly forget their toilet training, bark or whine excessively, and are ignorant of all other things going on around them. *

Of course, this is all but a comfortable situation for your dog, but neither is it for you. Besides, it is also a very difficult situation to communicate with, or give orders to your dog. Consequently, a lot of dog owners don’t really look forward to the Christmas holidays and the New Year. They already worry about how to get through them with their anxious dogs. *

Avoid fear of fireworks: start on time with Bach flowers mix 100

It is recommended to start a couple of weeks in advance with the Bach flowers mix 100 treatment. The Bach flowers will take care of the cause of the fears of your dog. If you know that fire works are being held soon, for example on New Year’s Eve, you may increase the frequency of giving the drops. In times of extreme stress or fear you may administer the Bach flowers drops every 5 minutes. *

Bach flowers, 100% safe

There are a lot of existing remedies to take away the fear of fireworks with dogs. Nevertheless, these medicines are not fit for longer periods or daily use. Besides, many of these treatments result in your dog being drugged or almost paralysed. Your dog will still feel fear because of the fireworks, but the medication will prevent him/her to respond to his/her fears because he/she is too drowsy. The fear, however, is still present inside. Bach flowers is a natural remedy, it has no side effects, is not addictive and cannot cause damage to the physics or psyche of your dog. They are 100% safe. *


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