Bach flowers mix 48: First Aid remedy for dogs

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30 Ml

The First Aid remedy for dogs helps with:
Panic during bad weather *
Anxiety due to loud bangs or fireworks *
Sudden anxiety *
Acute stress *
A traumatic experience *
A sudden disease *
A major event *
First Aid or Rescue remedy for dogs
Just like with the First Aid remedy for humans, the Rescue remedy for dogs or First Aid remedy for dogs has been created based upon the original Bach Rescue remedy. However, Bach flower remedies White Chestnut and Larch have been added to this mix. The First Aid remedy for dogs consists of much less alcohol than the classic Bach Rescue remedy. That’s why it is far more suitable for dogs and puppies. *

When should the First Aid remedy for dogs be used?
The Bach flowers First Aid remedy for dogs is best used in moments where heavy stress or anxiety take the upper hand. These are situations in which the First Aid remedy for dogs is most efficient. *

The First Aid remedy for dogs can therefore be used in the following situations: *

Your dog is in a panic because of the bad weather or he is scared of loud noises
Your dog has a sudden anxiety; he has to go to the vet, or has to stay home alone for example
Your dog suddenly gets stressed; he has to get in the car, he’s participating in a contest or show, or does agility training for example.
Your dog suffered a trauma not so long ago:
Your dog has lived through a period of abuse/neglect
Your dog has been attacked by another dog
Your dog was beaten
Your dog lost a befriended dog
Your dog suddenly became ill
Major events:
A new owner
Being lost
A new housemate
How should the First Aid remedy be used?
The First Aid remedy for dogs should be used in situations where stress or anxiety take the upper hand. If that’s the case, you should administer four drops directly on the tongue, or on a treat, or rub the drops on the snout. This should be repeated every 5 to 10 minutes, until the anxiety and stress have gone. There is no danger of overdose.
If your dog is getting sick, then giving 6 x 4 drops a day might help to cure your dog. This way, your dog regains strength quicker. *

How long should the First Aid remedy for dogs be administered?
After major events that cause stress or anxiety, the First Aid remedy should be administered. If you know that a situation is approaching, for example a visit to the vet, then you should start administering the drops before this happens. Also directly after the event, you can administer the First Aid remedy for a few days. *

Does your dog suffer from anxiety or stress symptoms for longer than a week? Or does your dog remain ill even after administering the First Aid remedy for dogs? If so, then there might be a more deeply rooted cause. In such a case, a personal remedy will work better. When composing this mix, the characteristics and needs of the dog as an individual are taken into account, and deeper lying causes of the fear, illness or stress are also treated, making your dog feel better again. *

What is the difference between the First Aid remedy and the Bach Rescue remedy for dogs from the shop?
The Bach First Aid remedy on this webpage contains 2 extra Bach flowers, White Chestnut against distress and Larch for improved confidence.
In the First Aid remedy for dogs, there’s much less alcohol than in the classic Bach Rescue, which makes it harmless to administer.
The content is 50ml instead of 20ml.


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