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30 Ml

The First Aid Remedy for pets mix 41 helps animals when:
They are in intense panic *
They are suddenly anxious *
They are facing a sudden stressful situation *
They have suffered a traumatic experience *
They are suffering from a sudden illness *
They face a major event *
First Aid Remedy for pets, just like with humans
Just like the ‘Bach First Aid remedy’ for animals, this composition is also based on the original Bach Rescue remedy, adding White Chestnut and Larch to the composition. The amount of alcohol is drastically lower so it can therefore be administered to animals without any risk. *

When should you use the Bach First Aid Remedy for pets?
The Bach First Aid Remedy for pets should be used in moments of extreme stress, anxiety or any other situation in which emotions take the upper hand. In these situations, the Bach First Aid remedy is the most efficient. Specifically, this means it can be used in the following situations: A storm, a sudden bang or loud noise, a visitor that scares the pet, a visit to the vet, after an accident or an instance of pain, panic when something unexpected happens, and so on. *

How to use Bach First Aid Remedy for pets?
The Bach First Aid Remedy for pets should be administered in moments of heavy anxiety or panic. Four drops directly on the tongue, on a piece of candy or directly on the snout. This should be repeated every 5 to 10 minutes until the anxiety and stress have disappeared. There is no danger of overdosing. If you sense that your pet is getting sick, you can also give 6×4 drops a day to the pet until it is cured again. This will help it to heal faster and to regain its strength. *

How long should the Bach First Aid Remedy for pets be used?
The Bach First Aid Remedy for pets should be used every time something intense has happened; when there is a sudden panic or anxiety, or when suffering from an illness. In case of panic or anxiety, it should be administered (when foreseeable) just before or after the incident, for a couple of days. *

If your pet keeps on struggling with heavy panic or feelings of anxiety, or remains sick for longer than a week, then you should think about a deeper rooted problem. In this case, a personal Bach flowers mix can be of assistance. This mix will specifically treat the needs of the animal as an individual and will deal with the underlying cause of the anxiety or illness of your pet, so it can feel better again.  *

What’s the difference between Bach First Aid Remedy and the Rescue Remedy for pets from the store?
The Bach First Aid Remedy for pets that you can find here, consists of two extra Bach flowers; White chestnut for being troubled and Larch for increased confidence.
This mix also contains much less alcohol than the Bach Rescue for pets’ mix, making it 100% safe to administer to animals.
The content is 50 ml instead of 20 ml.


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