Bach flowers mix 36: Chronic pain in joints & muscles

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Content 30 ml

Bach flowers mix 36 helps you to:

  • Get rid of your hopeless feelings *
  • Reduce your irritability *
  • Reduce stress *
  • Fall asleep easier *
  • Increase your energy levels *
  • Overcome your fears *
  • Get back to your social life *

How many bottles do you need?

  • 1 bottle will last you about 1 month
  • The first results will start to show after a few days or weeks *
  • In my experience to get lasting results a period of three months is advised *



  • The dosage is 6 x 4 drops per day, put directly on the tongue or dissolve in water
  • Hint: Trickle your daily dose (24 drops) in a bottle of water and drink it throughout the day

About this mix

  • Handmade according to the instructions of Dr. Bach
  • Ready to use
  • Unique blend of Bach flowers
  • Gluten and allergen free
  • Ingredients: Water, alcohol, Bach flower extracts

Bach flower gives comfort and support to people who suffer from chronic pain in joints & muscles

Chronic pain in joints & muscles? Besides the chronic pain, a lot of patients also suffer from symptoms like sleep disorder, headaches, hypersensitivity, fear, depression…
Bach flowers can’t take away the chronic pains, but what they can do is give mental and emotional support. *

Sleep disorder and chronic fatigue

Almost everyone who suffers from chronic pain in joints & muscles also suffers from sleep disorders and chronic fatigue. This is predominantly because of the constant pain, but in part also because of additional stress and fear. People with sleep disorders are often so utterly tired, almost too tired to fall asleep. These patients never get up fit, fully rested and with a bright feeling. Bach flowers may help you to be calmer at night and fall asleep easier. *


Stress has a huge impact on the function of our body. This is the case for everyone, but for patients suffering from chronic pain in joints & muscles in particular. Stress is their worst enemy. Stress is one of the most important stimuli for chronic pain in joints & muscles. Of course, stress is caused by many things: a busy job or too many house hold chores, but also fear, weariness, pain and depressive feelings may cause stress. These stress causes are exactly the symptoms of chronic pain in joints & muscles. This proves the importance of stress as one of the most significant triggers of chronic pain in joints & muscles. Bach flowers can help you reduce the stress and find calm and rest in life. *


A lot of people with chronic pain in joints & muscles feel hopeless. Their endless search for treatment is often discouraging and they feel taken hostage in their own body. Many of them find it hard to accept this disease. If you find yourself in denial, this creates a negative vicious circle and the feelings of despair will increase. Bach flowers mix 94 will help you not to give up. *


In most cases chronic pain in joints & muscles go hand in hand with feelings of dejection. First, the diagnose, then learning to live with the disease, the additional stress coming from the chronic pain, the fears for the pain to come… All of these together cause you to feel down and dejected. Bach flowers may prevent you from ending up in this downward spiral. *


Fear can be a catalyst when it comes to chronic pain. Persons suffering from chronic pain in joints & muscles are often afraid of what the future might bring. They are scared to move a lot because of the pain, they worry and are frightened by the idea to be left on the shelf, they are anxious about the outlook of the rest of their lives. Bach flowers help to overcome those fears and be confident to deal with the situation. *

Social lock down

Chronic pain in joints & muscles almost always has consequences for your social life. Because of the chronic pain and the fatigue it’s not always self-evident to be at a party, on a day trip or simply to romp around with the children. Because you don’t really appear sick, you will also be confronted with a lot of people who think this is just drama. You might lose a lot of friends, while close friends or relatives on the other hand will be overprotective and try to unburden you as much as possible. You might feel useless, which is not to the advantage of a bright spirit. Bach flowers mix 94 will help you to protect your social life and as far as possible pick up the thread where it left off.*


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