Bach flowers mix 18: Exam stress

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Content 30 ml

Bach flowers mix 18 helps to:

  • Remain calm and relax during the exams *
  • Avoid losing courage when an exam didn’t go well *
  • Keep believing in your own capability *
  • Stop worrying and being anxious *
  • Get rid of your irritations during exams *
  • Sleep well by bringing inner peace *

How many bottles do you need?

  • 1 bottle will last you about 1 month
  • The first results will start to show after a few days or weeks *
  • In my experience to get lasting results a period of three months is advised *


  • The dosage is 6 x 4 drops per day, put directly on the tongue or dissolve in water
  • Hint: Trickle your daily dose (24 drops) in a bottle of water and drink it throughout the day

About this mix

  • Handmade according to the instructions of Dr. Bach
  • Ready to use
  • Unique blend of Bach flowers
  • Gluten and allergen free
  • Ingredients: Water, alcohol, Bach flower extracts

Bach flower essences help you when you suffer from exam stress


There are people who dream of their upcoming exams every single night. The amount of stress that exams can cause is so much it is hard to put it out of your mind. The constant thinking and worrying exhausts you and reduces your ability to concentrate. Bach flower essences help shut these repeating thoughts down and focus you on your studies. This will contribute to a good night sleep so you no longer get exhausted.   *

Fear of failure

Fear of failure is the biggest culprit during exams. Often people think they can’t do it or aren’t smart enough, which makes them throw in the towel in advance. Bach flower essences restore and give you enough self-confidence.   *


Peace and tranquility are very important during the exam period. Nervousness only makes it harder to concentrate and learn the subject matter. This peace and tranquility can be gained by taking Bach flower essences.  *


Most students are very irritable and touchy during the exam period. This is because of tension and stress caused by the exams. As Bach flower essences reduce stress and bring peace, this will make them less irritable towards the people around them.  *

Lost courage

Having done a bad exam can strongly influence the person’s spirits. They don’t feel like continuing, they think it won’t matter, as they will fail anyway. Bach flower essences help lift the spirits and continue.  *



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